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Providing Therapeutic Massage in Bathgate West Lothian. Located within Images Bathgate. With over 7 years experience in the massage industry having previously been based at Wee Sally's Bathgate.


My main aim is to treat clients on a level that will leave them feeling completely satisfied with their treatment from pain relief to general well being. I provide a warm welcome and tailor each treatment to every client. 


Finalist In The Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards 2018.

* Home visits to the elderly, disabled people, housebound people and carers are available on a Thursday, please contact me for more information. *

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

Mahatma Gandhi


The most common and popular type of massage treatment. Various techniques are used to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension with the pressure being adjusted to suit the client’s needs.  This would be a good massage for beginners. 

Similar to the Swedish massage however focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. Deep pressure is generally used and various techniques to achieve this. Suitable for clients that prefer a firm massage treatment. 


A holistic massage treatment in which essential oils are used which have been extracted from various parts of plants. Each blend is created to suit the client’s individual needs and is absorbed through the body. The oils are used to help improve the health of the body and mind. It can also aid in enhancing both physical and emotional health. 


A very relaxing treatment where gliding techniques are performed with hot stones to allow heat into the body which helps relax the muscles and increase blood flow in the area. A combination of hot stones and manual massage is used to promote relaxation and release the build up of tension. 


A precise form of massage used on reflex points of the feet in which are said to correspond to areas within the body. Fingers, thumbs and knuckles are used to give a manipulative massage. This is a very relaxing treatment and different benefits from sleeping better to stress relieve can be achieved. 

A very relaxing treatment that incorporates hot stones to a reflexology treatment. The warmth of the stones helps relax the muscles within the foot aiding a much more relaxed and deeper state of mind.


A specific type of treatment which focuses on areas of the body that may be overused from repetitive and often aggressive movements which may result in a sports injury. This type of massage uses techniques to improve the injury, range of movement and aid in athletic activity. 


A relaxing facial using Dermalogica products suited to the individuals skin type. Techniques include a pre cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, masque and optional head massage, tone and moisturise leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing. 


Specialising in the care of expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy. Many woman will experience some sort of discomfort throughout their pregnancy and having a massage can help ease these common aches of pains. Extra care is taken to provide the full comfort of the client. A body support cushion is used to allow the expecting mother to lay on her stomach without causing any pressure to the abdomen. Side lying techniques can also be used. 


A non-surgical treatment which involves a range of massage and lifting techniques to stimulate the muscles within the face and focuses on smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. A specific face oil is used to suit the individual client’s skin. 


A relaxing holistic treatment which incorporates the shoulders, head, neck and face and aims to release tension built up in these areas. The treatment lasts 30 minutes and can be preformed fully clothed on a chair or lying on a bed. One of the main benefits of this treatment is the relief of tension headaches.


A very relaxing heat treatment containing either rose, lavender or peppermint. Involves using two heated compresses that are used to massage the body. These are very effective as the heat enters the body aiding warmth to the tissues helping to relax the muscles and although firm they mould into the muscles and are good for releasing deeper tension. 


Booking Appointments:

All appointments must be booked online, upon booking there is a health questionnaire.  

The booking calendar will be available one month in advance during this time.

Before visiting the salon:

Please let us know if you are unwell or showing symptoms before your appointment to discuss.
  You will need to bring and wear your own face mask (unless medically advised).


During your appointment:

  Please come into the salon at your appointed time. 

Please ensure you use sanitiser on entering and leaving the salon.

All staff will be wearing masks and other PPE as appropriate.

All surfaces will have been thoroughly disinfected prior to your treatment.

You can bring your own water/drinks but everything must also be taken away with you.

Cash is still accepted but credit/debit card payment is preferred online when booking or in person on the day.

Thanks for your support and understanding, I look forward to safely welcoming you back.



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